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  Congratulations to the Tesserae Baroque Ensemble (Altadena) on being named recipient of the 2020 Hans Schmelzer Music Award! The award was made in recognition of efforts of the ensemble to provide musicians and students the opportunity to study the music of German speaking regions of Central and Eastern Europe.  The award includes a $1,000 grant to be used by the organization for its music program. The Selection Committee cited the ensemble’s concert titled The Legend of Zelenka which featured the works of Jan Zelenka, Johnann Hasse, Johann Goldberg, Johnann Fasch, Johann Heinichen, and Johann Pisendel. The works by these composers are excellent examples of the music of the German cultural areas of Central and Eastern Europe that have helped shape modern music development.  In a letter to Joel Krajewski, President of the Tesserae Baroque Ensemble, the committee stated, “We know that by studying and performing music of this type your musicians and music students will have a greater appreciation for the origins of all genres of modern music and will have a broader awareness of the rich spectrum of music from around the world.” The performance was held in The Pompeian Room of the Doheny Mansion, Los Angeles, on February 23, 2020, and was sponsored by Mount Saint Mary’s University. More about the award is available by clicking here. Download the press release.
  The Hans Schmelzer Music Award will provide grants to local schools, college, or non-profit organization music programs, to promote the study of mid-European folk, classical, and popular music. The award was established to honor Mr. Hans Schmelzer, the founder of the German-American Brass Band of Southern California. Donations to help fund the award are being accepted and are tax deductible. Donation Forms are available on-line. Make sure to mark "Schmelzer Award" on your Donation Form in order to designate it specifically for the grant fund. If you represent an ensemble or would like to submit a nomination for the award, get all the information and forms you need by clicking here.
  Musicians interested in joining the AMF are invited to contact us for more information on joining our performance activity, the German-American Brass Band of Southern California.